In good spirits: Queensland Police officer 'performed an exorcism'

A Queensland Police officer has reportedly had to perform an exorcism during a house.

Senior constable Russell Parker told 4CA about the call out at White Rock, near Cairns.

“I wasn't called to an exorcism but I was called because the issue was there were bad spirits in this house apparently and the lady had certainly believed in her own mind that they were there and she could see them,” he said.

The officer said he had to improvise. Source: Getty Images/ Queensland Police

Not sure what to do with the woman’s request Constable Parker decided to improvise.

“I thought well gee whiz I don't know just how to I get rid of these so I performed a bit of an exorcism and it worked,” he said.

“I identified that I too could see them because I was particularly gifted with these sorts of things, and the poor thing she honestly believed they were there, so I identified them based on her description.”

Fire burns in Olympos National Park, Greece to purge evil spirits. Source: Getty Images

He said he told the woman to wait while he went to speak with the spirits politely to leave and not come back.

“She thanked me profusely for that one because she was able to live there peacefully because the exorcist had been in there and gotten rid of these,” he said.

The constable added that being a police officer meant being flexible.

“If you’ve got to be an exorcist sometimes, that’s what it takes,” he said.