'Impressive' solution to common problem after visiting the beach

While most are rushing to try the hack immediately, others have warned against it.

Sand stuck in the carpet of the car is one of the few downsides to a day at an Aussie beach — no matter how much you rinse, somehow half the beach ends up scattered throughout the vehicle.

But one creative hack to get it out was tested by a hero online, and much to the shock of hundreds of thousands, it appears to work. "Saw this on TikTok... and it actually worked," he said in surprise.

The unusual hack requires an electric sander and a vacuum. The man can be seen holding one in each hand, then turning on the sander and using the vibration from it to immediately lift all the sand to the surface of the carpet, where he is then able to easily vacuum it up.

Images of the man holding a blue sander to the carpet of his vehicle's floor. He has a vacuum in the other hand.
Once the man turns the sander on, you can see the sand immediately lift to the top of the carpet. Source: TikTok/Getty

Others rush to try 'impressive' sand hack

This hack has been making the rounds online, with many people trying it themselves and sharing their success for others to see.

"This is actually impressive," one person said after seeing it work. "I'm going to try that! I have sand in my Jeep eternally," a second wrote.

A small few who have seen the method were less impressed, saying this could ruin the carpet and even put a hole in the vehicle. "Waiting for a hole to appear in the car," one person said.

Not the first 'clever' beach trend to be celebrated

While getting sand out of the car is important, having something fun for the little ones to do at the beach is just as high on the list of things Aussies prioritise — which is why the beachside equivalent to street libraries have been popping up on the country's beaches and garnering praise from many on social media.

Designed to make going to the beach just a little bit easier, these 'toy libraries' have been called "clever" and "exciting" by many, including South Australian MP Stephen Mullighan after two were erected on beaches in his state.

"Have you spotted these community beach toy libraries popping up along the coast? Take a toy down to the shore for the little ones to play with, and then return it to the library upon leaving," he wrote online, labelling it "an excellent community initiative".

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