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Aussie mum ruins car's interior after 'misleading' detail on product

The "new look" promised on the label wasn't what she had in mind.

An Aussie mum's cleaning hopes were dashed after she mistakenly sprayed white spray paint all over the interior of her car thinking it was a cleaning product.

The hilarious aftermath was caught on camera by her two daughters who couldn't stop laughing at their mum's doodles throughout her grey Mazda. The white paint covered the interior of all four doors and the dashboard, hard to miss against the black plastic.

The spray paint on the doors.
The white spray paint could easily been seen against the black interior of the mum's car, much to the amusement of her daughters. Source: TikTok / thecantswells

"She got every nook and cranny!" sisters Jayde and Greta laughed in the TikTok video.

Misreading or misleading label?

After revealing the newly refurbished car and giving those in the comment section a chuckle, the sisters also showed the Motospray product label which read, 'New Look Vinyl Spray'.

The "new look" claim on the label refers to physically changing the colour of the surface the product is applied to, rather than suggesting the product makes it "look new" by cleaning the surface. However, the subtle difference confused more than just Jayde and Greta's mum.

Sisters Jayde (left) and Greta (right) were amused by their mum's attempt to clean her car. Source: Instagram / londonxboston and gretabrigitte
Sisters Jayde (left) and Greta (right) were amused by their mum's attempt to clean her car. Source: Instagram / londonxboston and gretabrigitte

Many online put their hands up and stated that they too found the products label to be ambiguous.

"In her defence the label is a little misleading," one woman wrote.

A 50/50 picture of the spray paint label and damaged to passenger seat door.
Many believe the label was easily to misinterpret as cleaning product, rather than spray paint, due to the wording and picture attached to it. Source: TikTok / thecantwells

"I don’t understand that label! That appears to be vinyl cleaner to me too!" another said.

"I would have thought the same," a third admitted.

Other people offered solutions on how to best remove the white spray paint from the car, with top suggestions including nail polish remover or WD40, yet it is unclear what steps have been taken and if those detailed are effective.

Yahoo News Australia have reached out to Motospray for their response to claims the label is misleading.

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