'I'm annoyed': Boy's letter to Big W over delivery disappointment

A mother has shared a letter from her son heartbroken over the delivery of a much-anticipated Christmas present from Big W.

Lucy Bragg, from NSW, took to Big W’s Facebook page to share her 10-year-old son had been eagerly awaiting the release of Super Mario 3D World game on February 12, which she had pre-ordered as part of his Christmas present in December last year.

However, on February 12, instead of receiving the video game, Ms Bragg received a notice the game had only been mailed to them on the release day and was now in the hands of Australia Post for arrival.

A Big W store is pictured.
The Big W customer said she would have rather picked up the pre-ordered game in store than have it mailed out arriving later than the release date. Source: Getty Images, file

"What is the point in pre-ordering an item, when you don’t actually send it to arrive on release day?" Ms Bragg asked Big W on Facebook.

The mother insisted she would have been happy to go to a store and collect the game if she knew it was going to be mailed and arrive later than the release day advertised.

"I could easily just go in store and pick up the item, instead of having a 10-year-old boy wait since Christmas and then be told he won’t get it on the release day," she wrote.

"I know, first world problem, but he has waited since Christmas... that’s a long wait for a child."

The mother ended the Facebook post with a photo of a handwritten letter penned by her son to Big W pleading with the department store to make sure people who pre-ordered items had access to them on the advertised release date.

The boy told Big W he was annoyed because he was "really excited" for his game to arrive and had "waited patiently" for its arrival, counting down to the release date since Christmas.

A letter to Big W from an upset 10-year-old boy.
The 10-year-old boy wrote to Big W pleading with the department store to make sure people who pre-ordered items had access to them on the advertised release date. Source: Facebook

Mum disappointed with Big W

The rules at home mean the 10-year-old isn't allowed to play video games during the week, making the wait even longer once the game does arrive in the mail.

"I have done a pre-order before and I received the product on the day of release, when I asked why this wasn’t the case, Big W responded with ‘it gets sent on the release day’," Ms Bragg told Yahoo News.

The upset mum said the whole experience had left her feeling disappointed with the retail giant and she won't be pre-ordering from Big W in the future.

A Big W spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were only able to send out products once they had been released to the public and confirmed the customer's pre-ordered products had been delivered.

"We understand the excitement that comes with ordering a new release game, however as with all pre-order items from BIG W, we are only able to send out the products once they have been released, not prior," the spokesperson said.

"To avoid any disappointment, we do communicate delivery timeframes with our customers during the ordering process, and for those who simply can’t wait for the postman, we recommend our Contactless Pick up service where you can collect your order in store once the pre-order item is available."

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