Woman's search after finding 26-year-old postcard in letterbox

Nadine Carroll

A woman is on a mission to track down the correct recipient of a postcard that took more than a quarter of a century to reach its destination.

When Kim Draper found the postcard in her letterbox, she assumed it was delivered to the wrong address but on closer inspection, she realised the mail had arrived at the correct address – it was just 26 years too late.

The postcard was stamped by the Hong Kong post office on July 8, 1993 and was addressed to Leena and Muhammad Ali Kizilbash.

The artwork on the front is of traditional Chinese sail boats and the note begins with: "I am having a good time in this extremely crowded place.”

The postcard Springfield woman Kim Draper received in the mail 26 years after it was sent.
A woman received a mystery postcard in her letterbox more than a quarter-century after it was sent. Source: Kim Draper/CNN

The message ends with "See you guys soon, Your Dad.”

Ms Draper has lived at her Springfield, Illinois home for almost four years and told CNN this was the first time she had received mail for the family.

After exhausting her amateur detective work on Google, Ms Draper turned to her local newspaper to ask for help and the search for the family went viral.

The postcard sent to the Illinois address begins with: "I am having a good time in this extremely crowded place" and ends with “See you guys soon, Your Dad".
The postcard was addressed to Leena and Muhammad Ali Kizilbash and is signed: “See you guys soon, Your Dad". Source: Kim Draper/CNN

"I was hoping that maybe if someone saw it in our local newspaper, maybe a family member, maybe they could reach out and let me know," Ms Draper told CNN.

Even talk show host Ellen put a request on her social media page to help track down the owners of the postcard.

Ms Draper is hoping for a happy ending and wants to put a face to the mystery Kizilbash family.

"I'd really like to meet them, I don't want to just throw it in the mail," she said.

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