'I'll break your neck': Man slammed for 'threatening' act in carpark

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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A driver has been criticised after becoming overly aggressive towards a female driver who tooted her horn to stop him reversing into her car.

The road rage dispute unfolded inside an underground carpark, believed to be in NSW, on Friday just after 3pm, and footage of the heated confrontation was later uploaded to Facebook.

A Jeep driver was shown having difficulty navigating his vehicle out of a parking bay and while trying to manoeuvre his car, he reversed dangerously close to the one behind him.

The driver of the rear vehicle, a female, beeped her horn to alert the man to the fact he was about to collide with the front of her car.

Man who abused a woman driver in an undercover carpark.
The man became overly aggressive after the woman tooted while he reversed towards her car. Source: Facebook/DashCamOwnersAustralia

After hearing the horn from the female driver, the man abruptly comes to a halt, gets out of his car and storms angrily towards the woman behind the wheel.

She tries telling him the carpark is “one way”, but he immediately breaks out into a fiery tirade.

“You got something to say?,” he says, agreeing that the direction of traffic is one way, but orders that the woman gives him “enough room to get out”.

He then cuts the woman off from asking a question to make a disgusting threat.

“Don’t beep your f***ing horn at me, I’ll break your neck,” he tells her, before walking back towards his car.

The woman then informs the man that she has recorded his number plate, prompting him to turn around and approach her door once again.

“And I’ve got your f***ing number plate. Do you want to start some s*** with me?”

‘That is no way to talk to women’

It was not known if the argument escalated further or came to an end following the man’s intimidating proposition, as the dashcam video was abruptly cut off.

Thousands of people commented on the footage to condemn the actions of the man after it was shared to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia on Saturday.

“What a hero. Switch to a Hyundai Getz, that massive Jeep is clearly too much for you,” one person wrote in a comment.

“He needs to redo his license if he can’t get out of there! And that is no way to talk to women,” another wrote.

“How rude. I bet he would not have said that if it had been a man in the other car. I hate to think how he treats the woman folk in his family,” a third wrote.

Somebody else commented the behaviour was sexist while he was sarcastically dubbed “Australia’s toughest bloke”.

“What is it with big tough men threatening woman?” one wrote.

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