IGA worker bashed by female shopper after simple request

Police are investigating the incident which happened on Tuesday.

Locals have come out in droves to praise an IGA staff member who was struck by a shopper after attempting to check her bag.

In shocking CCTV footage released by WA Police, the woman appears to be leaving the store through a blocked exit. The male IGA worker asks to check her bag. As he grabs the bag, the woman turns back and begins hitting the staffer in the head.

As the altercation continues, the 33-second clip shows other shoppers and staff attempt to break up the pair.

Screen grabs of the CCTV footage shows a woman hitting an IGA worker. Second image shows IGA staff coming to the aid of their colleague.
The woman was captured on CCTV hitting the IGA worker. Source: Mandurah Police

Police investigate altercation

When two other staff members come to the aid of their colleague, the woman leaves with her bag.

Cops are now appealing for information after the incident happened at around 2.20pm on Tuesday at Silver Sands IGA in Mandurah. WA Police have urged anyone with information about the woman who appears in the video to reach out.

Locals praise IGA worker

Many Aussies took to social media to express their shock over the incident and praised the staff for their handling of the situation.

“Well done to the workers there, especially the boy,” said one person. “Workers should not have to deal with assault from customers or thieves whatever the case may be.”

“Well done to the worker for standing up, and to his workmates for their support,” said another.

“They don't get paid enough to deal with this sort of behaviour,” added a third. “Well done to the young bloke for standing his ground!”

Yahoo News has contacted IGA on the matter.

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