IGA store found abandoned with food still on shelves: 'CREEPY'

A video tour of an abandoned IGA supermarket is captivating TikTok users.

TikToker @abandoned.aus regularly explores abandoned buildings around Australia and has this week given viewers a glimpse into a Victorian IGA supermarket that has seen better days.

The store, which has been heavily graffitied, still contains original fixtures from the supermarket’s heyday, as well as price tags, receipt rolls, signage and some products that remain intact.

Empty, dark abandoned IGA store, trashed and graffitied
The abandoned IGA store is covered in graffiti, while several pieces of signage found at the location indicate that the store was last in operation in 2006. Source: Abandoned Aus

Speaking to Yahoo News, the TikToker explained that the IGA store is located in south eastern Victoria but didn't reveal its exact location.

The video, titled “ghosts only shop here,” has been quick to rack up over 20,000 views in a matter of days, with TikTok users intrigued by the state of the IGA time capsule.

“This is so cool!” one person commented.

“Looks like Covid has hit this building,” added another.

“Isn’t that just how IGA looks?” joked a third.

“Wow, a specials card says ‘ends in 2006’!” said a fourth.

The TikTok user’s associated Instagram account also posted still photographs from the visit, showing a range of outdated products, old sales tickets, and shopping trolleys still on the premises.

The account owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Yahoo News that exploring the IGA was a treat.

“It was pretty amazing being in an abandoned grocery store because you don’t really happen to find grocery stores abandoned,” said the content creator.

“I’ve always had a passion for old houses and architecture and one day I explored an abandoned building and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

A brand new IGA Plus Liquor store sits across the street from the desolate supermarket, however the initial site remains has been unused since it shut 15 years ago.

TikTok excited by ‘awesome’ finds in abandoned IGA

Upon discovering the abandoned IGA, the Abandoned Aus explorer came across several old Aussie food items still sitting on the shelves.

Pictured on the shelves of the empty supermarket were three old cereal boxes, a box of crackers, a can of soup, a can of dog food, and some toilet paper.

Monbulk jam, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, Honey Os and toilet paper, all aged, found in the abandoned IGA store
A Corn Flakes box found in the abandoned IGA store features a promotion for the 2006 film Superman Returns. Source: Abandoned Aus

The TikToker also came across a jar of Monbulk jam, which is now widely unavailable for purchase, as well as two now-discontinued Hubba Bubba bubblegum flavours.

“It’s so awesome finding old Aussie foods in places like this, especially when I come across foods they don’t make anymore,” the account owner told Yahoo News.

Photographs supplied to Yahoo News also show a sign displaying the IGA’s original opening hours still intact on the outside of the building, and a newspaper cover dedicated to Steve Irwin's funeral.

TikTok users described the scene as "creepy" but were ecstatic to see these items on the shelves.

“That's a whole time capsule,” one TikTok user said.

“I miss Monbulk jam,” wrote another.

“Free old food,” joked a third.

Side-by-side picture. Left: Herald Sun newspaper featuring a picture of Bindi, Sue and Robert Irwin at Steve Irwin's funeral. Right: A sign displaying trading hours on the exterior of an abandoned IGA store.
The abandoned IGA store stands as something of a 2006 time capsule. Source: Abandoned Aus

Abandoned explorer tells of ‘creepy’ find in factory basement

The account owner of Abandoned Aus has told Yahoo News of a "messed-up" find made while exploring an abandoned factory in Victoria’s south.

“I always come across some pretty messed-up stuff when I’m exploring, but exploring the old Weet-Bix factory I found something really creepy,” they said.

“There were these big tribal statues with weird faces on them just sitting in the dark basement,” the videographer said.

“They seemed to have come in a massive black protective shipping container from a museum, I have no idea why they were there.”

Exterior of abandoned factory and 3 carved tribal statues
The anonymous content creator behind Abandoned Aus doesn't believe in ghosts, but does get "weird vibes" from some places. Source: Abandoned.Aus

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