'I was scared': Man discovers terrifying creature in river

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A man has been left terrified after he was confronted by a mysterious sea creature with dozens of long black legs while fishing.

Desha Srichai, 41, pulled in the bizarre life form with long spindly limbs moving like a spider in southern Thailand on November 30.

He noticed the odd-looking creature among the fish and recoiled with horror – hurling the net to the ground.

The curious fisherman poked the mysterious creature with a stick before making a video on his phone to help identify the species.

A dark black feather starfish sprawls its legs out on the cement.
The fisherman was terrified after catching the mysterious creature. Source: Viral Press/australscope

"At first I thought it was just a twig but then the thing started to move. I was scared and leapt back,” he said.

“It confused me because that was the first time I saw such a strange creature.”

The curious man took several pictures and videos of the animal before releasing it back to the estuarine river where he had been fishing.

He showed the footage to his friends who helped him identify the creature – believed to be a dark black feather starfish.

“I used the stick to knock it back into the water. I hope I don't catch anything like that again,” the fisherman said.

The feather starfish is a marine animal with several dangling feeding arms that can regenerate after being cut. The creature consumes plankton and is normally found on the seafloor.


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