Woman trapped in home by circling alligator after hurricane

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A woman has posted video of what appears to be a large alligator in flood waters just outside of her home after Hurricane Sally swept through the coasts of Alabama and Florida in the US.

Tina Bennett shared the video with US news outlet ABC, showing an alligator calmly moving through shallow flood waters, metres away from steps leading to a neighbour’s home on Plash Island.

“This is why we don’t want to go outside here on the island… and there is many more,” Ms Bennett can be heard saying as she records from the safety of inside her home.

“He’s a monster.

An alligator in floodwater near homes in Alabama after Hurricane Sally.
An Alabama woman filmed an alligator outside of her home after Hurricane Sally flooded the area. Source: Tina Lambert Bennett

“Look at that alligator that is right outside the window, he’s going into the neighbour’s driveway.”

Ms Bennett wrote since the storm hit her area, her yard had been “surrounded by water, alligators and poisonous snakes”.

Meteorologist Thomas Geboy shared the video with a warning to residents not to enter flood waters, even after they start to recede.

“Another reason to shelter in place until flood waters recede. Not only are there downed power lines, but there’s also displaced wildlife,” he tweeted.

The category-two hurricane dumped more than 600mm on some Gulf Coast towns, CNN reported.

At least one person is dead and another reported missing, with more than 400,000 homes in Alabama, Florida and Georgia left without power.

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