Hungry Jack's menu hack hilariously backfires: 'Caught out'

Footage of the man trying the hack at a Hungry Jack's store has been viewed more than a million times.

A Hungry Jack’s customer’s menu hack has hilariously backfired in a viral video — but some Aussies are claiming it does in fact work.

Footage shows the fast food diner, who goes by the name Jai on social media, walk up to a self-serve kiosk at one of the chain’s stores before selecting “sides and snacks” on the touchscreen.

“Guys, I literally just found this out. I don’t know how,” he can be heard saying on the TikTok video, which has been viewed more than a million times.

Left, Jai uses the self-serve kiosk at Hungry Jack's. Right, the order total reads $0 because of the 'hack'.
The Hungry Jack's customer tried to use a hack to get $70.50 worth of food for $2.50. Source: @scarguyjai/Tiktok

Walking others through a step-by-step guide, Jai tells Hungry Jack’s fans to order “as many as they want” of either a 10 burger bites carry cup or a 20 burger bites cup with sauces.

After selecting 10 carry cups, hitting finish and picking a name for the receipt, he notes that while the order is supposed to cost $68, the total reads $0.

Jai then selects “the cheapest option” from the “would you also like” prompt at the bottom — in his case medium fries for $2.50 — which is then the total sum when he proceeds to payment.

“$2.50 for all of that I swear on my life,” he says before tapping his card.

Hungry Jack's customer denied at counter

Despite his initial victory dance, Jai revealed in the comments his attempt at the hack didn’t work.

“Caught out at the counter,” he laughed. “The manager asked me how I got it all with just the price of the chips, and only gave me the chips and said it was a error.”

The Hungry Jack's screen reading 10 burger bites carry cup and medium fries for $2.50.
Despite his attempt, Jai said Hungry Jack's employees questioned him at the counter. Source: @scarguyjai/Tiktok

However, other TikTok users said they too had attempted the Hungry Jack’s menu trick and “it worked”.

“I did this and didn't get questioned at all,” they said, to which another person responded that Jai’s “mistake was adding 15 of them”. “If he’d just done a couple they wouldn’t have noticed,” they said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Hungry Jack's for comment.

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