Hundreds of tyres mysteriously stacked up in family's driveway: 'No one believes me'

All Harjeet could do was laugh upon returning home from work to find his driveway had been buried beneath a mountain of some 500 tyres.

Two stills are seen showing the drive way gradually be filled up with tyres.
One by one, the tyres rolled into the driveway, eventually taking it over. Source: 9News

Most Australians can probably relate to being delivered a package they didn't order, or having their own mail sent to an incorrect address, but it's unlikely anyone's ever experienced a couriering mishap quite as extreme as this family.

Harjeet Singh Rai, from Blacktown in Sydney's west, was left in a state of extreme confusion on Tuesday after returning home from work to find about 500 used tyres piled up in his driveway from an unknown sender.

Harjeet could only laugh upon arriving home to the bizarre mix-up, questioning how somebody could apparently get the delivery details quite so muddled up. Hilarious yet puzzling CCTV footage shows tyres roll into the driveway gradually, one by one, before two men are seen picking up the pace, eventually squeezing the rest into a tight corner beside the home, Tetris-style.

The driveway of Sydney man Harjeet Singh Rai is pictured, filled with tyres that he did not order.
CCTV footage captured two men stacking the tyres into the driveway, but neither Harjeet nor his wife have any clue where they came from. Source: 9News
Sydney man Harjeet Singh Rai is pictured in front of the mountain of tyres at his Blacktown home, which he says he didn't order.
A Sydney family have been left stumped after returning from work earlier this week to find a total of 500 tyres had been delivered to their Blacktown home. Source: 9News

The Sydneysider said he never asked for the strange service, nor did his wife. He said he truly has no clue who could've sent them to him, joking that he thought he'd driven to the wrong address at first, when he initially arrived at home.

"No one believes me when I said 400 to 500 tyres arrived today," Harjeet told 9News. "I was shocked," he laughed. Harjeet's mate said the humorous side quickly faded after he realised just how many tyres were actually stacked into the driveway.

"First I started laughing, then we take things seriously, when you see the quantity — it's crazy," Harjeet's friend said.

Harjeet Singh Rai speaking to media amid a bizarre delivery mix-up that saw 500 tyres piled into his driveway.
Harjeet Singh Rai said at about 10am on Tuesday, two men arrived to his home and delivered the puzzling haul, stacking the tyres Tetris-style into his driveway. Source: 9News

Although the Sydney man has taken the situation in stride, he said he would soon like to have his driveway back, adding that a full day after the delivery drama unfolded he was still no closer to tracking down the mystery sender or the deliverymen responsible.

"Come, take this back, we're not going to say anything... because you stacked up nicely," he said, urging whomever was responsible to come forward.

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