Hundreds attend funeral for 'legendary Egg Man'

Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a much-loved local "legend" who delivered eggs to a town for decades.

Farmer Wilfred Peddle, known in Glastonbury as the "Egg Man", made a living selling eggs from the back of his Morris Minor van.

He passed away in June, aged 74.

Vicar of St John The Baptist Church, David MacGeoch, said Mr Peddle was an "eccentric character" who would have been "amazed" to see so many people attended the funeral.

Wilf's egg van
Mr Peddle was a "Glastonbury legend" [BBC]

Life-long friend, Shirley Morse, who used to "go scrumping" for apples with him as a child, said he "will be missed".

"I've known Wilf all my life. He's a Glastonbury legend," she said.

"When he was little his dad used to go down the road on his cart horse and Wilf would dangle his legs off of the side."

Shirley Morse wearing a black and white top stood outside the stone church
Ms Morse said she had fond memories of Mr Peddle from when they were children [BBC]
View outside the church before the funeral service
Hundreds of people attended the funeral [BBC]

Ms Morse said his love for chickens and delivering eggs started when his dad brought him a few hens to start off his business.

"Even when it was in the middle of winter he would go around in a sled with his eggs on," she said.

"[There was] not a bad bone in him."

Wilf's Morris Minor van being driven up the high street
Mr Peddle's Morris Minor van was driven behind the hearse as it went through the town [BBC]
Dennis William Brown wearing a suit and stood outside the stone church
Mr Brown described Mr Peddle as an "old-fashioned gentleman" [BBC]

Another friend, Dennis William Brown, said Mr Peddle was a local "hero".

"He was just an old-fashioned gentlemen, even when he wasn't very old," he said.

"People thought the world of him really, with his quaint old-fashioned ways.

"He never had a mobile phone.

"All his hens have now gone to a few local people."

Note left in book at funeral service
People paid their respects, leaving messages in a book [BBC]
Vicar of St John The Baptist Church, David MacGeoch, dressed in his official robes, stood next to the stone church
Vicar of St John The Baptist Church, David MacGeoch, said Mr Peddle was an "amazing man" [BBC]

Mr MacGeoch said he was an "amazing man" who was also "very quiet".

"On a Friday and Saturday all over Glastonbury you'd see his van pootling up and down the high street and roads delivering his eggs," he said.

"I think he would be amazed that so many people wanted to say thank you to him.

"He was an eccentric character who spent his whole life delivering eggs, that's quite something.

"He will be very much missed."

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