Humphrey B Bear officially for sale

One of Australia's favourite children's entertainers, Humphrey B Bear, is officially on the market.

An advertisement appeared in The Advertiser newspaper today, signalling a start for bidding on assets from the much-loved bears' production company.

The advertisement is on behalf of liquidators, BRI Ferrier, who have taken charge of the assets of Banksia Productions, the company behind popular children's shows like Humprey and The Curiosity Show.

But, unlike traditional liquidations, the assets of Banksia Productions consist of intellectual property, and the top of the prize pool is the trademark for Humphrey B Bear, including merchandise and even the theme song.

The move comes two years after the South Australian Supreme Court ordered Banksia Productions to cease operating, after it hit financial strife.

The liquidators would not comment on how much Humphrey was worth, but says they have already had significant interest from potential buyers.

Offers on Humphrey B Bear and friends can be made until the end of next month.

'Australia's version of Mickey Mouse'

Humphrey B Bear first came to Australian screens on Monday, May 24, 1965.

He was initially known as 'Bear Bear' until a viewer competition renamed him Humphrey B Bear.

Channel Nine stopped airing the program in 2003, but brought it back in 2007 until 2008.

Former producer of the Humphrey Show, Penni Hamilton-Smith urges anyone who is thinking of buying the lovable bear to put him to work.

"I'd like to see him working with children again, either in a television show or a live show, that would be wonderful."

"He's got incredible charm and great charisma," she said.

She says there's definitely still a market for Humphrey.

"The thing about pre-school children is they grow up every four years... Humphrey's ageless and full of charm."

"Everyone adores him, he goes around bringing joy and affection into people's hearts," she said, "If he can keep doing that, it would be absolutely wonderful."