Shocking theory as human leg found on Aussie highway

A severed human leg has been found on a road in the Northern Territory, forcing the closure of one of Australia’s major highways.

The gruesome discovery was made by a passing motorist at around 10.30am on Tuesday on the Stuart Highway near Coolalinga, about 30 kilometres southeast of Darwin.

A forensic pathologist was called to the scene and confirmed that it was a "lower leg of a dark-skinned human being".

A group of police officers stand on a road
Police have closed a major highway in the Northern Territory after a human leg was discovered on the side of the road. Source: NT News

While police believe the remains may have been there for up to 24 hours, they aren’t ruling out that the person the leg belongs to may still be alive.

The highway has been cut off in both directions between the Howard Spring lights and Virginia Road while police scour the area.

“We are seeking any witnesses to any such event to contact police as well as anyone that may have some dashcam footage on their vehicles for the Stuart highway in that area from yesterday afternoon,” Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Morrissey said.

“We are contacting lots of various inquiries in regards to hospitals and clinics for any information, [but] there have been no reports with an injury of this severity.”

Police are scouring the area by the Stuart Highway. Source: NT News
Police are scouring the area by the Stuart Highway. Source: NT News

Another motorist told NT News that they saw the leg on Monday night.

“I saw what looked to me like most of a leg and foot,” they said.

“It was laying crossways on the road and I saw the sole of the foot and toes.”

“I thought for sure that I didn’t just see part of a human leg and didn’t actually believe myself, until this morning when I saw they found human remains on the highway.”

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