Huge $944 MILLION Mega Lotto jackpot up for grabs on New Year's Eve

Aussies have the chance of a lifetime this New Year’s Eve to enter one of the world’s biggest lotteries with a whopping $944 million (US$644 million) prize up for grabs.

With the official countdown on, Australian-owned The Lottery Office is offering players down under tickets in the USA Mega Lotto, with the possibility of entering 2023 as the country's biggest ever lottery winner.

The $944 million jackpot will be drawn on New Year’s Eve with the company’s CEO “holding a lot of hope” of an Aussie winner.

A USA Mega Lotto draw ticket.
One lucky Aussie could be $944 million richer this New Year with the USA Mega Lotto draw up for grabs down under. Source: NBC 5 News

“I am hopeful a win this festive season will make an Aussie’s Christmas wish come true,” Jaclyn Wood said. “We’re Australia’s ticket to the world’s largest official lotteries. When Australians purchase tickets in our lotteries, we purchase a matching ticket in the relevant overseas draw.”

For those worried about an international win, Ms Wood added that “when our customers win, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket.”

If no one takes out the big pot this weekend, the prize pool could reach $1 billion for next Wednesday’s draw, a feat that has only happened three times before.

A lotto ticket at a newsagency.
Aussies can pick up their tickets to the USA Mega Lotto New Year's Eve draw online through The Lottery Office. Source: Getty

Aussie punters better off betting overseas

Ms Wood went on to explain that Aussie punters could seriously up their potential winnings by playing in overseas games.

“International lotteries have the potential to pay out significantly more than their minimum jackpots,” Ms Wood explained. “The Lottery Office is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated and we are passionate about enabling Australians to benefit from international lotteries as these draws are often significantly larger on average than what you will find in a traditional Australian lottery.

“For example, the US Powerball, which is matched to our USA Power Lotto, holds the world record for the biggest prize ever at A$2.9 billion while the largest ever Australia lotto payout was A$160 million.”

The New Year’s Eve draw will close at 12pm AEDT on December 31. Tickets can be bought online through The Lottery Office.

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