Woman allegedly tries to buy $2400 worth of electronics for $5 in self-checkout scam

A woman in Florida has been caught allegedly trying to pay Au$4.80 for $2400 worth of electronic goods in a self-service scam.

Cheyenne Amber West, 25, was arrested along with a friend after they replaced the barcodes on a stash of goods, including video game controllers and a laptop, according to police.

Cheyenne West, 25, was arrested after allegedly trying to pull off a barcode scam. Source: Indian River County Jail.

The pair, who were in a Walmart, are said to have taken their items to the clearance section of the store, where they took them out of their packaging.

They then allegedly put reduced price stickers on them and took them to the self-service checkout .

It was only when a security officer noticed what the pair were doing that they were caught.

"The computer is for my husband," West allegedly told police.

"Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice as well.”

The woman was charged with felony grand theft and shoplifting and is due in court in December.