How psychic twins predicted 9/11 terrorist attacks

Terry and Linda Jamison appeared on Sunrise this morning to discuss their special relationship and history of uncanny 'psychic' predictions.

Introduced as twins who share one soul, the sisters have claimed various psychic victories throughout their careers, including foreseeing terrorist attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The two have also released a new book Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition by Terry and Linda Jamison, The Psychic Twins, which they say teaches people how to be psychic.

"It is a blessing and a curse to have this gift," they said.

"We were actually born with this gift."

However, their claim of foreseeing the future is not without controversy.

On their website, the twins say they predicted the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the USA.

"9/11 Attacks on America The Psychic Twins were the only psychics who predicted the World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the attack on The Pentagon," the website states.

They claim it was predicted on Art Bell Coast to Coast AM which is a radio program in the US.

Unfortunately, it seems the actual recording of this prediction has been lost or is temporarily missing because it is unable to be found online or on the twins' website.

The 9/11 prognostication is the pair's claim to fame. But numerous sources online show the actual transcript to read:

"We are seeing terrorist attacks on Federal Government, excuse me, federal buildings," the 1999 interview stated.

"Particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002 and also the New York Trade Center, the World Trade Center in 2002."

The actual terrorist attack occurred on September 11, 2001 and the buildings had always been threatened since the 1993 car park bombing.

It is also worth noting that fellow celebrity psychic John Edward appeared on CNN's Larry King Live on September 10, 2001 – the day before the attacks - but failed to mention or predict any terrorist activity in the US.

With minimal research it can be found that the pair's famous 9/11 prediction may in fact be completely wrong, which begs the question, what else have they missed the mark on?

Natural disasters
Many psychics use natural disasters as proof of supernatural abilities.

During Ian Punnett's Coast to Coast AM annual prediction show in 2010, the twins claimed there would be no Katrina-level natural disaster event last year.

"There will be a hurricane in the Gulf Coast, but not in the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina," they said.

Hurricane season hits the Gulf Coast and Caribbean every year between June and November but the twins still used this vague prediction to claim they saw the BP oil spill disaster – the worst oil spill in history and seemingly worth noting for psychics - coming.

"The Psychic Twins predicted "massive oil spill" for 2010," their website states.

No tsunami activity
Another 2010 prediction was "there will be no tsunami activity this year" but that too proved a dubious forecast, with the Chilean earthquake and tsunami claiming hundreds of lives.

The 8.8 moment magnitude scale earthquake resulted in tsunami warnings across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Earthquake forecasting is another favourite of psychics and the twins correctly predicted the Japan earthquake this year.

"The Psychic Twins predicted major earthquake in Japan in 2011," their website states.

Failure to predict the tragic tsunami and nuclear aftermath aside, Japan is struck with more than 2000 earthquakes that are felt by people each year providing decent odds to predict a seismic event.

The pair uses a technique called "automatic writing" which they say channels the subconscious and spirits.

"We're accessing information fields," they told Sunrise.

"We're accessing multiple dimension of knowledge."

Kids for Will and Kate
They also went on to say Prince William and Kate will have at least two children, a boy and a girl, born within the next two years.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban can also expect another baby.

"We're seeing another child for her (Nicole) by surrogate probably within a couple of years," they said.

"We wish them all the best."

If the twins claim to be so successful in foreseeing the future, perhaps they should take up the James Randi Educational Foundation offer of $1 million for anyone who can show under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.

In the meantime, take a look at the Australian Skeptics' 'psychic' predictions for 2011. Even non-psychics seem to be able to make generic statements about the future.