House on Sydney’s northern beaches close to collapsing

A house in Narrabeen is dangerously close to collapsing. Source: Fire and Rescue NSW.

A house in Narrabeen is dangerously close to collapsing after wild weather eroded the ground beneath it.

Authorities have evacuated neighbouring homes as they believe the house in the Sydney beachside suburb may soon collapse due to the recent heavy rainfall.

Northern Beaches Local Area Command Superintendent Dave Darcy told the Daily Telegraph that engineers had claimed the house fall was imminent.

"But imminent for engineers may mean a day, two days," he said.

"When I looked a couple of minutes ago I could see rocks falling off the foundations and heard strange noises."

Supt Darcy said the affected area had been blocked off.

"The engineers are telling us the foundations are being washed away by rain, so anything’s possible," he said.

Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Police at the scene.

Debris is littered all around the Northern Beaches home, which is sitting on its stilts.

National news break – April 22