Horrifying moment snake vomits up its latest meal

A snake has been filmed regurgitating another snake in stomach-churning video.

The serpent was captured coughing up another member of its species in Kerala, India on Saturday. 

According to the man filming, he found the big snake outside his house and it wasn’t moving.

A snake has been filmed coughing up another snake in India. Source: NewsFlare

He prodded it a few times, at which point it awoke and began regurgitating something. 

He got the surprise of his life when he saw it cough up a long green snake. 

“It was an amazing experience,” he said.

The man filming said he initially thought the snake was dead before it began coughing up another serpent. Source: NewsFlare

Nature can be surprising and whimsical at times.

On Monday, a family were baffled when they found an amazing sea creature on a beach north of Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island. 

Adam Dickinson, his wife, Eve, and two children came across the mysterious animal which he describes as like “a load of muscles contracting”.

It turns out, the family had stumbled across a beached lion’s mane jellyfish – said to be the largest of its species. 

Earlier this month, Mark Modra, a farmer from Port Lincoln, South Australia, found a sheep who had wandered several kilometres from its paddock and posted a photo to Twitter showing it in the front seat of his car with the seatbelt fastened.

The picture left Twitter users in stitches. 

“I couldn’t stick him in the boot because I’ve got child seats in there, the only place was the front,” Mr Modra told Yahoo7. 

“We stuck her in there, I thought she might kick but she was fine.”