The story behind this amazing photo of a sheep in a car

A farmer rounding up a stray sheep who had wandered away from his farm has been praised for picking the animal up in style.

Mark Modra, from Port Lincoln, South Australia, found the sheep several kilometres away from its paddock and posted a hilarious photo to Twitter showing his mode of transportation.

With his kids in the backseat of the family car, Mr Modra loaded the sheep into the front passenger seat, even making sure the seatbelt was fastened.

“I couldn’t stick him in the boot because I’ve got child seats in there, the only place was the front,” Mr Modra told Yahoo7.

Riding in style: The farmer made sure the animal was comfortable and safe. Source: Mark Modra

“We stuck her in there, I thought she might kick but she was fine.”

The farmer said his wife was away at the time, and he was in charged of his four children, all under the age of six.

So when a neighbour phoned to say one of the animals had escaped, he had little choice but to bundle the family in the car and pick up the stray,

Mr Modra said the animal was surprisingly well-behaved on the windy five-minute drive back to the paddock, and enjoyed listening to a variety of Wiggles’ tunes at the request of the children.

The sheep escaped from the farm in Port Lincoln. Source: Mark Modra

“It would’ve been interesting if a policeman pulled me over but at least she was strapped in,” he joked.

“It just shows that in agriculture we have to be adaptable, we don’t have all the tools and labour at our fingertips all the time.”

On Twitter, Mr Modra wrote: “What you do when one finds a stray sheep and all you have is the family car… just don’t tell my wife!”

His wife did find out – but thankfully didn’t seem to mind.

“She just shook her head and said, ‘I hope my seat’s clean then!’”