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Holiday scare gave way to safe arrival

Nothing could have prepared Bree Maddox for the dramatic arrival newborn son Max made.

From the moment she found she was pregnant, the Perth social identity and co-owner of the Court Hotel had a plan for how she wanted the birth to unfold.

So when she went into labour six weeks early on New Year's Eve while down south with partner Nick Hayler on a "babymoon", the highly organised Ms Maddox was shocked.

"We threw everything in the car and drove to Bunbury Hospital while I was downloading contraction timers," she said.

"They were getting closer together and when we drove past the turn to Busselton Hospital we looked at each other and went, 'Do we stop? What do we do?'"

She said it was terrifying not knowing if everything was right.

"I didn't know if I would be able to give birth naturally so the thought was in my head, 'If I have to push, what happens'," Ms Maddox said.

She was flown from Bunbury to Perth by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In St John of God Subiaco calmness rushed over her when she found out she could have the natural birth she dreamt of.

After arriving on New Year's Day, Max spent three weeks in the neo-natal unit but is now thriving. "Coming home with him was the complete opposite of his birth. It was so joyous," Ms Maddox said.

"There is an amazing sense of contentment and achievement and just pure love and happiness.

"Nick is the best dad. We are raising the baby together."