'Hipster Swan' photo derails former ALP treasurer's election message

Ben Brennan

Former Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan wanted to remind us to enroll to vote, but a throwback photo from his university days has people talking about just one thing – that glorious 1970s moustache.

‘Hipster Swan’ now joins Anthony ‘Hot Albo’ Albanese and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard on a growing list of ALP luminaries who have seen famous pictures from their younger years steal the spotlight in later life.

Wayne Swans former colleague Anthony Albanese had a similar experience when the infamous 'Hot Albo' picture emerged. Photo: Supplied

“Back in 1974, as a young student at UQ, I was gearing up to fight for Medicare and accessible higher education in the 1974/75 elections,” Mr Swan wrote on his official Facebook page.

“While current Wayne reckons 20-year-old Wayne should get a haircut & lose the moustache, the stakes for young Australians back then were massive.

Remember that time Julia Gillard was a back up dancer for former Victorian premier Joan Kirner? Photo: Supplied

“With effective action of climate change, affordable housing and penalty rates at risk in this election, the stakes are just as high for young Australians now as they were then.”

He then told young voters how important it was to get their names onto electoral roles before this year’s federal election, widely believed to be slated for July 2.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek posted a similar photo of herself to her Facebook page. Photo: Facebook/Tanya Plibersek

Unsurprisingly, the election message was completely lost in the shadow of Young Wayne’s glorious mane and his slightly less glorious upper-lip warmer.

Even a photo of the “clearly more photogenic” 19-year-old Tanya Plibersek, the current deputy Labor leader, could not get the discussion back on track.

Dr Karl's proto-hipster past was revealed earlier this year. Photo: Supplied

‘Hipster Swan’ joins Karl “Dr Karl” Kruszelnicki among other notable Aussies who have made waves with retro photographs.

Last month Dr Karl sent the web into a spin when the 68-year-old was identified as the face behind an old photo of a strikingly handsome ‘hipster’.

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