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Hilarious response after Aussie TikToker reveals 'secret' nude beach

A Sydney influencer has been left red-faced after spruiking a "secret" nude beach in the harbour city.

Olivia Dryden took to TikTok on Tuesday to reveal her find. “I am one lucky girl,” she told the camera before the video cut to a coastal restaurant and a table laden with food. “My best friend picked me up and took me on this beautiful date in Mosman today. The food was something else, those oysters, how good do they look?”

“Anyway it was in this really amazing location, we found this secret little beach,” the 22-year-old continued as she panned over a sign reading Obelisk Beach.

Olivia Dryden (left), the beach signs (middle) and Obelisk beach (right).
Olivia Dryden claimed that she discovered a 'secret' nude beach in Sydney while on a day out with her best friend. Source: TikTok (TikTok)

While Ms Dryden walked over the sand and into the water, she disclosed the beach’s more unique fact. “We went for a little explore,” she said, “can’t show you much of the beach because it was a nude beach!”

Secret Sydney beach that's 'been there for years'

While the video on TikTok, which included the hashtag ‘secret Sydney’ in its caption, has since racked up more than 173,600 views, many were quick to point out that the ‘secret beach’ wasn’t so unknown.

“It’s not a secret, there’s signs everywhere,” one person wrote online. “You gotta redefine the word secret,” said another.

“Hardly a secret spot,” someone else commented. “Mate I live 100 metres away from this beach,” another added. “It’s been there for years.”

“Oh well, it was a secret to me,” the influencer replied.

While others claimed that the “secret’s out now.” “Not so secret anymore when you post it on social media now is it,” one person laughed.

Obelisk Beach can be found in the Sydney Harbour National Park close to Mosman. Tucked away on the southern side of Middle Head, it boasts a secluded sandy cove and plenty of privacy.

While nudity is permitted, there are strict rules about putting clothes back on when you leave the sand.

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