High price of fashion

High price of fashion

There is one price you would never want to pay for expensive high heels - agonising orthapedic surgery.

Television personality Susie Elelman has strutted her stuff on the red carpet for years but now she is learning to walk again.

“The biggest damage for women wearing stilletos is the planter plate underneath and that's going to take me six months to get repaired,” she said.

“They go in and break your bones and re-align them all - putting pins and rods and screws through them.

“If you want your feet to last as long as the rest of your body then don't be a slave to high heels.”

Weekend hospital admissions of young women rolling on their ankles now exceed sick children.

Ankle sprains are most common, where they tear the ligaments around the ankle or fracture bones in the foot or the ankle.

Stumbles can also lead to ankle injuries around the toe which can lead to hammer toe deformity.

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