‘Help me babe’: Man brutally stabbed to death outside home in Queensland

Caity Stone

A Queensland man has died in front of his girlfriend following a violent altercation outside their home.

James Beel-Endycott, 27, died on the way to hospital on Friday night after suffering a suspected stab wound to his chest following an argument with another man outside his Beaudesert home, south of Brisbane.

The alleged altercation happened in front of the victim's girlfriend of four-months, Kamahla Baker, according to News Corp.

Police have established a crime scene at Ms Baker's house where the stabbing occurred. Source: 7 News.
Police were called to Tubber St at around 6.30pm on Friday following reports of a disturbance between two people. Source: 7 News.

Mr Beel-Endycott reportedly fell through a window of the property, as the two men continued to fight on the driveway after a verbal confrontation with a friend.

The father-of-one reportedly then collapsed onto on a neighbour's driveway in a pool of blood while Baker called for medical assistance.

Ms Baker told News Corp, “He said 'Help me, help me babe'. The (Triple-0 operator) was asking questions like 'How old is he, what is he wearing?' I said 'Who cares? He can't breathe and he's going blue,” she said.

Family have paid tribute to Mr Beel-Endycott, a qualified butcher who left behind a seven-year-old son as they gathered at the scene. Source: 7 News.

“It took about half an hour for the ambulance to get there.

“The police told me the most likely cause of death will be that he bled out so if we got him to the hospital earlier, we may have (saved him).”

Ms Baker told News Corp that she has spent most of her time since James’ death speaking to police.

“I’m not sure exactly (what the fight was over),” she said.

“There was heaps of blood everywhere. (He) was covered in blood and (my friend) and I immediately thought ‘Oh, he’s injured’. (But) he said ‘No, it’s not my blood’. I went to James (who had fled down the road) and he was injured.

“I didn’t see any weapons or anything like that.

The father-of-one died on his way to hospital. Source: 7 News.

“I ran back to (my friend) and said ‘We have to get him to the hospital right now’ and he just drove off and left us there.”

Speaking to News Corp Baker said Beel-Endycott was loved by her family, in particular her young son.

Ms Baker is currently staying with her family in Southport as her home is still a crime scene.

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