Hectic fight video sees airline passenger's hair pulled

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: Confronting footage has emerged showing a violent brawl taking place on a grounded flight involving several passengers and cabin crew.

Video was taken inside a Tunisair plane on Saturday (local time) ahead of departure in Tunis, North Africa, when passengers began feuding over a baggage issue, according to travel website View From the Wing.

Passengers reportedly clashed when one put their bag in the overhead luggage space and another apparently suggested they had gone over their baggage allowance to avoid paying checked bag fees.

Two photos show passengers fighting on the plane.
The violent brawl reportedly caused a delay of five hours for the airline. Source: Instagram/Passenger Shaming

Mortifying footage showed an aggressive clash between several rows of passengers and at one point a woman was ripped backwards by a man who pulled on her hair.

The man appeared to punch the woman in the face after pulling her back towards him, as others tried desperately to restrain him.

The video was uploaded to Instagram page Passenger Shaming, where the actions of those involved were heavily condemned.

"What kind of animal punches a woman in the face like that?" one person wrote in a comment.

Airline opens investigation after brawl

"As a flight attendant this is heart breaking to see," someone else wrote.

While crew members desperately attempted to calm the brawl, which appeared to involve about 10 people, it seemed there was little they could do to diffuse the situation.

A spokesperson for the airline said the wild event caused major delays and came at a huge cost to the company, according to the publication.

"An investigation has been opened and that the passengers, at the origin of the incident, could be the subject of prosecution," spokesperson Ghassen Ouji said.

“This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company."

The plane reportedly arrived two-and-a-half hours late, according to View From the Wing.

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