Heartbreaking twist after dog waits years for adoption

Sora spent nearly three years in a shelter, and has returned after just one day of freedom.

There has been an outpouring of messages for a now-anxious dog after she spent nearly three years in a shelter only to be returned just one day after adoption.

Adorable Labrador retriever, pit bull mix Sora thought she had finally found her forever home after spending over 900 days at an animal centre in California, US. But just a day after leaving, the adoption was cancelled and the poor pooch was returned.

The three-year-old’s sad story has gone viral on TikTok, garnering 1.6 million views and leaving users “heartbroken”.

Sharing a clip of Sora and another dog, Eros, who had also been returned shortly after adoption, the shelter wrote: “Their tails wagged with hope as they were welcomed into their new home.

Sora in two photos playing in a field.
The shelter is now on the look out for another home for Sora after her brief stint away. Source: Jam Press

“However, after a short period of time, these shelter dogs found themselves back in their kennels. They are still hopeful that somewhere out there is their furever home where they will be cherished as they deserve.”

TikTokkers were heartbroken to read of the pup’s plight, many questioning the person who quickly returned Sora, saying she never got a chance.

"To anyone willing to take this precious baby I will donate to any expense for travel to get her," one person wrote.

“It takes six months for an animal to get used to a new home. This is absolutely heartbreaking,” said another user.

"This broke my heart. I wish I could get a dog. I would take Sora immediately," another wrote.

A close up of Sora looking sad in a cage.
Sora is back behind bars once again after a devastating twist to her adoption. Source: Jam Press

Shelter reveals sad state of returned dog

A spokesperson for Valley Animal Centre, a no-kill shelter, said Sora is a "sweet pup that has great energy".

“She is a perfect fit for any household with an active lifestyle. Sora is the dog you want to take on long walks or bike rides; trust us, she can keep up.

“While we try our best to provide her with ample physical enrichment, it never seems to be enough. As you can imagine, this has taken a toll on her mental health and led her to develop anxious behaviours.

“According to our certified dog trainer, Mariah Prudhume, if she was able to get her into a loving home, her mental health would dramatically improve.

“With love and patience, she wouldn’t be the reactive dog she is today, and she would finally become the happy and goofy dog she is meant to be.”

- Jam Press

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