Head of The Cosmetic Institute resigns amid claims of medical negligence

The head of The Cosmetic Institute has resigned following a 7 News investigation into claims of medical negligence.

Over 100 former clients are now talking to a law firm planning a class action against the clinic alleging they were misled about surgery or left scarred.

Many now need expensive corrective surgery.

The Cosmetic Institute claims it's Australia's largest provider of breast augmentations.

Sarah Jaremenko flew from Melbourne to get her $6000 implants and one now sits in her armpit.

"I've now got torn ligaments, torn muscles, implant displacement, I need a complete reconstruction and it's just a mess," she told 7 News.

The company hit the headlines in January when a patient had a cardiac arrest it happened again in September.

Sarah Jaremenko from Melbourne flew up to the clinic for the failed implants. Photo: 7 News
Sarah Jaremenko from Melbourne flew up to the clinic for the failed implants. Photo: 7 News
Narelle Bayon. Photo: 7 News
Narelle Bayon. Photo: 7 News

Now over 100 women are planning a class action over a range of adverse outcomes.

General Manager David Segal has denied any wrong-doing and it has now emerged that he has resigned.

Mr Segal was unable to say what his company would do to for the more than 100 women who say they've been left emotionally and physically scarred.

David Segal. Photo: 7 News
David Segal. Photo: 7 News

The company's acting head wrote he "will be looking to improve TCI's pre and post-surgery policies and procedures."

Narelle Bayon, another victim, told 7 News: "I have neurological damage, it's pushing on nerves on my arm and that's creating pain every day, I've got pins and needles."

Narelle and Sarah will each need up to $20,000 of corrective surgery.

Sally Gleeson, from Turner Freeman Lawyers, said: "Our investigations are proving stronger by the minute and I'm confident that we can help all the women obtain the justice they deserve."

The clinic's head surgeon has also stopped operating there.