Woolworths' tissue limit branded 'discrimination' by hay fever sufferer

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An unhappy Woolworths customer suffering from hay fever has called out the supermarket giant on its tissue buying limit policy, saying the rule discriminates against people with allergies.

In a lengthy post on Woolworths' Facebook page, the customer related that she had gone into the supermarket but could not purchase anything more than two boxes of tissues.

"What the heck?? You can't buy more than two items of tissues?? That is not two different types of tissues... just two in general," the woman said in the post, adding that she had tried to purchase two boxes and a pack of eight pocket tissue packets.

Empty shelves of tissues are seen at Woolworths Town Hall in Sydney. Source: AAP
A Woolworths customer suffering from hay fever says the supermarket giant's buying limit policy discriminates against people with allergies. Source: AAP

"Not asking too much, am I?" the woman continued.

"As a chronic hay fever suffer [sic] I believe this is total discrimination against people such as myself. There are NO limits on the amount of toilet paper you can buy and yet there is on tissues?? Get your act together Woolworths, VERY disappointed."

Woolworths responds to shopper

Woolworths, which was quick to respond to the woman's post, explained that the two-pack per customer limit in place was set due to increased demand of tissues from the recent cold snap and the early start of the flu season.

"We've placed a product limit on so customers have fair access to the product with supply being partially impacted. We encourage customers to continue shopping as they normally would," a Woolworths representative explained in response to the post.

The woman, however, proceeded to stress her point that the tissues were things that she needed, adding that the supermarket chain did not fully understand the struggle people with hay fever have.

Inside a Woolworths store.
Woolworths explained that the two-pack per customer limit in place was set due to increased demand of tissues. Credit: Chris Putnam/Future Publishing via Getty Images

"Woolworths I had run out and NEEDED these items. 2 x boxes of tissues and 1 x 8 purse packs, I would not deem excessive and 'stealing' from any one the opportunity to buy tissues," she wrote.

"Clearly you do not have an issue with hay fever and don't fully understand the struggle hay fever sufferers have. I have gone through one box today alone."

'Now I've heard it all'

Other Woolworths customers did not appear to sympathise with the woman's plight, jumping in to criticise her complaint.

"Imagine if there were no restriction and there was [sic] no tissues on the shelf because everyone brought heaps," someone commented.

"I think you'd be more annoyed than only being able to buy 2 out of 3. Just walk out of the store, put the other tissues in your car, come back in and buy your next lots of tissues."

"Discrimination...now I've heard it all," commented another.

"Petulant tantrums won't change the fact that there's a severe shortage," another person pointed out.

One Facebook user noted that the woman could also easily use toilet paper instead.

Woolworths of course is not the only supermarket that currently has buying limits for tissues in place.

Rival Coles has also been enforcing limits on tissue purchases since July due to supply shortages as the country battles with flu, Covid and other virus outbreaks from the cold winter weather.

The supply of tissues, in particular, had been severely impacted, the supermarkets said.

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