WATCH: Sydney family forced into WWII bunker after accidental Hawaii missile text

A Sydney family has been forced into a World War II style bunker after being caught up in the drama surrounding a false missile warning in Hawaii.

Kylie Anne was holidaying in Hawaii with her husband and children when the public alert went off, warning residents in Hawaii that a ballistic missile was heading their way.

Mrs Anne said she rang the hotel reception who informed her they were getting ready to evacuate.

“My daughters and my husband were taken to a WWII bomb shelter,” she said.

Residents and tourists in Hawaii were put in a bomb shelter during a missile scare. Source: 7 News

Seven News’s Paul Burt was also caught up in the drama.

"The radio message was really daunting, stating that you must - if you are in a hotel - lie on the ground, do not look out the window,” he said.

Another Aussie woman posted about her experience on Facebook.

Melbourne woman Angela Ceberano, who was in her pyjamas at the time, said she “burst into tears” after the manager from her hotel told guests to stay in their room due to a state of emergency.

Kylie Anne said her family were evacuated into a bomb shelter. Source: 7 News

“Now they are telling us, it was an error/ false alarm,” she posted on Facebook.

“Sadly… This is where we are probably headed.”

The Governor of Hawaii David Ige said “an employee pushed the wrong button”.

It’s caused anger with many questioning why it took 38 minutes to correct the false alarm.

This text message turned out to be a mistake. Source: 7 News

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s Vern Miyagi said steps will be taken to “prevent this from ever happening again”.

But the damage may have already been done.

With the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea hanging over their heads, Hawaiians want and need to have confidence in the public alert system.