Harbour Bridge toll glitch costs Sydney motorists

Sean Berry

Tens of thousands of motorists who drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge have been incurring extra charges due to a toll gate glitch.

While motorist may think they have scored a free journey when their e-tag doesn’t beep, they are actually being charged more.

Anytime there is a fault with the automatic toll gates, there is a 55 cent video processing fee.

So far it has affected 2.6 million trips, costing drivers $1.4 million.

The worst affected lanes go through the city-side toll plaza.

Most drivers are pinged on lane nine, closely followed by lanes 14 and 17. However those travelling in lane 18 face no fee, because it has no video equipment yet.

A toll glitch has cost Sydney motorists who cross the Harbour Bridge $1.4 million. Source: 7 News.

When an internal investigation cleared the system two months ago, Roads Minister Duncan Gay called in accounting firm Deloitte.

"Frankly it is in the interest of those people and the veracity of our tolling system that we put in place this external independent enquiry."

The Deloitte report will determine if there is a flaw with the video technology or individual drivers' e-tags.

The government says it will only pay out affected motorists if a genuine system fault is found.

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