Hannah Waddingham shares hilarious reaction to House of the Dragon scene

hannah waddingham as septa unella, game of thrones season 6
Hannah Waddingham on House of the Dragon sceneHBO

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 3 mild spoilers follow.

Ted Lasso actor and national treasure Hannah Waddingham has responded to a scene from House of the Dragon's latest episode featuring a very familiar-looking costume...

Before playing AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton in streaming service Apple TV+'s fan-favourite show, she played Septa Unella in Game of Thrones. The character served as the High Sparrow's right-hand woman, who famously tortured Cersei Lannister during the naked walk scene. Cersei eventually got her revenge and made sure it was slow and painful.

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In the latest House of the Dragon, Emma D'Arcy's Rhaenyra Targaryen donned a Septa outfit to walk around King's Landing unrecognised. When a still of Rhaenyra in the costume was shared on the show's official Instagram account, plenty of people compared her to Septa Unella, including Waddingham herself...

"That’s MY outfit!!! Get it off!!!!" she commented, alongside a laughing emoji to show she found the whole thing funny. She also referenced TV's most famous stroll by adding "#dingshamedingshame".

The actor revealed previously that she got to keep the bell from that iconic scene, although when it was gifted to her she knew it meant her time on Thrones was over (we never saw or heard about Unella's fate within the show).

hannah waddingham as septa unella, game of thrones season 6

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She's also spoken multiple times about how the scene where Cersei waterboards her with wine was one of the worst days of her life – and that it left her with "chronic claustrophobia".

Cersei actor Lena Headey also felt highly uncomfortable filming it, but she admitted that their various difficult scenes helped them form a strong bond.

House of the Dragon season 2 airs on Mondays on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. In the US, new episodes air on Sundays on HBO and stream on Max.

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