Hair salon owner unleashes shocking online attack on employee

The owner of a hairdressing salon, who sent an expletive-laden rant to an employee after firing her over the internet, has been ordered to pay compensation for her unfair dismissal.

The Fair Work Commission heard Jaymi-Lee Morris was fired by her boss, Chris Tizzoni, after an altercation via Facebook messenger in December.

Ms Morris, who worked at Alphaeus Hair Salon in Nowra, NSW, for around 18 months, had been offered a promotion as manager for Mr Tizzoni’s new salon in the nearby suburb of Bombaderry.

But the offer of the new position was soon withdrawn following a series of bizarre and aggressive online messages.

The altercation began on December 6, when Mr Tizzoni contacted Ms Morris about his schedule the following day.

“Hey do I have a 9am app tomorrow,” he wrote.

When he didn’t receive an immediate reply, he sent a further message: “Still awake but won’t answer, have you looked at tomorrow or not.

“Remember I have only offered I, have yet given ur place [sic]. And now I have 2 more I will not need you. U need to make a choice you are either with me or against me. I will not take silence any more! And I do not need to. I will sever you as I have done to them! If you push me to it! As I have said I have had enough! You are not in control I am girl.”

When Ms Morris replied, she claimed her phone had died while she was fixing her Christmas lights.

“I did say yes but it must [not] have sent. What the f***!!” she wrote.

Ms Morris then asked her boss “what he was on about” before trying to call him.

Mr Tizzoni didn’t answer, but wrote that he “was shown a vision” of her leaving and needed to know if he could trust her.

“I have done everything I can for u [sic] and the salon. This conversation is a f***ing joke,” Ms Morris replied.

Jaymi-Lee Morris was fired after a bizarre online altercation with her boss. Source: Instagram/jaymiijigsaw

After telling Mr Tizzoni to “stop pushing me away” and to “just relax”, Ms Morris told her boss that she won’t be coming in to work the next day.

“Wat eves your down fall,” Mr Tizzoni replied.

“Good luck in your new job if you can find one. Which you won’t given my presence. I will cut you from my fold,” he wrote.

“Keep fighting as you will meet ur [sic] end.”

“I quit. I don’t need to put up with your shit. I don’t need your luck,” Ms Morris responded, finishing her correspondence with: “Good bye Chris.”

But it didn’t end there. Mr Tizzoni send nearly 40 more messages, most of them threatening his former employee.

“Don’t come for me as I will break you,” he wrote.

“You r [sic] dead to me! Nothing more! You will suffer as they will!

“I will have justice and you will receive my wrath! U pieces of s***! I will make you suffer!

“I will break you! Your bones I’m talking!

“Depart from me as I will destroy u [sic]! You are nothing and will be nothing!”

Mr Tizzoni did not respond or make any submissions to the Commission.

Commissioner Bernie Riordan found Mr Tizzoni did not have a valid reason to terminate Ms Morris’ employment and ordered him to pay her four weeks’ pay, plus superannuation.

Ms Morris has since found a new job at a different hairdressing salon.