Grieving Aussie couple's 'sweet' moment with driver caught on dashcam

Moments after getting out of the car, the woman taps on the driver's window and makes a devastating revelation.

An incredibly heartwarming moment between what appears to be an Uber driver and his two passengers has captured the hearts of Aussies, leaving them in floods of tears over the “sad but sweet” interaction.

Dashcam footage of the feel-good encounter shows the driver named James park his car as the couple in the backseat get ready to exit.

Dashcam still of the woman reaching through James's car window to give him a hug. The couple shaking the driver's hand at the end of the ride.
Dashcam footage captured the Aussie couple's 'sweet' interaction with the driver named James. Source: Reddit

“Enjoy yourself buddy,” the male passengers says, before adding that it was “nice to meet him”. James agrees as the man shakes his hand and says, “take care buddy".

The clip, which is dated April 9 of this year but has recently been making the rounds on social media, then shows the man’s partner reach for James’s hand.

“You know what? You look after yourself,” she says as her voice appears to crack with emotion.

Woman's tearful revelation to driver

Seconds after the couple exit the car in the rain, the woman pauses and taps on the driver’s window before motioning for James to roll it down.

“I lost my son last year and you remind me so much of my son, so you take care,” she says tearfully as the visibly touched young man offers to “hop out of the car” and give her a hug.

Before he gets the chance, the woman leans into the car and wraps her arms around him.

“You take care,” she reiterates, placing her hand on his again. “I will", he responds, placing his other hand on top of hers and squeezing it. “The world will take you where you want to go,” she adds before walking away, ending the “beautiful” exchange.

Social media reacts to emotional video

The dashcam footage has attracted hundreds of comments from weepy viewers after being posted on Reddit on Monday, many of which praised “sweet” James for “offering comfort”.

The user who posted the clip said it seemed “like the woman took the opportunity to say stuff to him she never got the chance to say to her actual son”.

“Gets you right in the feels!” someone else responded. “I’m so emotional over this video. You could hear the lady's voice was quite shaken as she was leaving the car, then your hear why,” another said. “I really hope that short encounter made her feel a little better, in what is obviously a tragic time in her life.”

“This is the Australia I live in,” one person declared. “I don’t care about anything else, but people like this”.

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