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Grave fears mystery intruder is 'watching women sleep' in iconic Aussie suburb

Three women of similar age from Sydney's east have came forward to share their terrifying experiences.

A young Sydney woman has been left terrified after waking up to an intruder trying to enter her second-storey apartment window, with fears the man is targeting other young women in the area.

Bondi resident Simone Wilkins told Yahoo News Australia she "woke up to a loud rustling outside, only to look over and discover a person's silhouette at her bedroom window".

After sharing what happened to her local Facebook group as a warning, two more women believed to be of similar age have came forward to say they also experienced an intruder attempting to break into their homes on that same evening.

All three women have alleged they could feel "he was watching us sleep before he tried to get in".

A NSW Police spokesperson told Yahoo they received a report of the attempted break-in and are conducting inquiries.

Two images. Image on the left is a headshot of Simone Wilkins, who is wearing a white top. Image on the right is an aerial view of Bondi beach with houses and apartments in the background.
Simone Wilkins, left, said she woke to a man trying to enter her Bondi apartment. Source: Supplied / Getty

What happened?

On Monday, September 11 at around 2.45am, Ms Wilkins was sleeping in her short-term rental in Bondi, when a loud rustling outside her open window woke her up. After looking over, she saw the silhouette of someone's head and hands — the person was seemingly trying to get in.

In complete shock, Ms Wilkins said "she jumped up and slammed the window closed so hard it broke". She then screamed to wake up her housemate, so they both could check all the windows and locks in the entire apartment.

Although their apartment was on the second level, she said there was a big concrete slab that may have made it easier for the person to reach the window.

Two images. Left image shows Simone wearing sunglasses and in a green top and right image is a close up of Simone wearing a black cap.
Bondi woman, Simone Wilkins, was too scared to stay living in her apartment after an unknown man tried to enter through her bedroom window. Source: Supplied

Woman always looking over her shoulder

It took over a week for Ms Wilkins to share her story because she was terrified the person, who she believes to be a male, would come back. "I had since stayed with friends and I could not sleep at all after [the incident]," she said.

"I would normally feel safe in Bondi leaving a window open and sleeping, but absolutely not anymore. And, it has happened to two other women of similar age to me, so it makes me wonder if it's a coincidence or if he's been watching us for some days."

Ms Wilkins has since moved out of the short-term rental apartment and says "whenever I go now I will always be closing my blinds and windows, and looking over my shoulder".

Two other woman have come forward

The other two women who experienced similar attempted break-ins are remaining anonymous at this stage, but one told Ms Wilkins the male had made it into their apartment before taking off as soon as she screamed.

Reportedly, police have attended all three locations to check for fingerprints and other evidence but are yet to advise if anything has been found.

Anyone with information, or who wishes to report an incident to police, is urged to contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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