Dog basher convicted after sickening attack caught on CCTV

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A man has been convicted of animal of animal cruelty after he was caught attacking a dog on CCTV.

Grant Haggart, 46, of Eastlakes, was absent from the Waverley Local Court on Tuesday when he was convicted of committing an act of cruelty on the dog he beat and kicked repeatedly on March 7.

Video of the sickening attack has been released by RSPCA NSW, showing Taggart attacking Arian a Staffordshire Terrier in a lift.

Haggart did not appear in court, but was fined $5500 and prohibited from owning any animals for 10 years.

Grant Haggart attacked the dog out of frustration. Source: RSCPA NSW
Grant Haggart attacked the dog out of frustration. Source: RSCPA NSW

Magistrate Lisa Stapleton LCM commented that the facts were “very distressing” and noted Haggart’s criminal history included violent offences towards people and police officers.

He had no prior offences against animals.

Arian the dog had fled from Haggart, off-leash, after trying to steal a child’s ice cream.

The dog ran into a nearby building where Haggart attacked the dog, kicking it in the side and hitting it with his right hand nine times.

He then proceeded to drag the dog and choke it.

RSPCA investigators said Haggart admitted he had beaten and swung Arian around by its neck because he was upset with the dog’s behaviour and having to search it.

RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O’Shannessy said the footage was “very disturbing” and the violent acts were “beyond comprehension”.

A veterinarian examined the footage and found the dog was already displaying fearful behaviour before the attack and Arian was not posing any threat to Haggart.

Unfortunately, the RSPCA deemed Arian could not be rehabilitated after the dog was adopted by a new family, and was deemed a safety risk for all potential adopters.

The Staffordshire Terrier was later euthanised.