'I'm going to bed with my gun from now on': Grandparents robbed, then tied up with power cord

Carly Egan

A Mount Cotton grandfather and grandmother were tied up with a power cord, robbed and threatened during an early-morning home invasion.

At 3.30am on Friday morning, Brisbane couple Henry and Sue Spierenburg woke to the sound of their front door being smashed in.

Henry jumped out of bed and was confronted by three masked men running up the stairs towards him - two with knives, one with a bat.

Henry and Sue Spierenburg are traumatised by the violent break-in. Source: 7 News

The 68-year-old pushed his wife back into the bedroom to protect her as one man waved a knife and a torch in his face.

The intruders pushed down the bedroom door and ordered the grandparents downstairs.

The bedroom door, here dusted for prints, was kicked down by the intruders. Source: 7 News

"They kept yelling, 'Where's the safe? Where's the safe?'" Mr Spierenburg said.

"Someone has been here and told them what to get," his wife added.

The couple were tied up with power cord. Source: 7 News

The thieves took money, jewellery and sentimental items - but they wanted more, demanding to be taken to Mr Spierenburg's gun safe.

There was nothing in it, which angered the thieves enough to grab a power cord and tie the couple up together.

"Terrible, absolutely disgusting," Mrs Spierenburg said.

They managed to break free and saw the intruders' getaway car speeding off, ending 15 minutes of sheer terror for the couple.

"They'll get theirs," Mr Spierenburg said.

"They'll get theirs. I hope they come again.

"I'll be going to bed with my gun from now on."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.