Gran accidentally poisons family with expired hot chocolate

An grandmother in Italy accidentally poisoned herself and several family members with expired hot chocolate. Photo: Getty.

An Italian grandmother has accidentally poisoned herself and several family members after making hot chocolate from sachets that expired 25 years ago.

The 77-year-old woman named as Mrs Rosetta made the drink using the expired sachets after her two grandchildren and their friend asked for the delicious treat.

Mrs Rosetta found the sachets at the back of her cupboard and mixed them into warm milk and served it to the three children, her son, her partner and herself, reports Ill Mattino.

Shortly afterwards Mrs Rosetta’s partner began to suffer vomiting and diarrhea, followed by the children, her son and even herself.

The group had to be taken to the emergency room to be treated for food poisoning, reports Ill Mattino.

Authorities traced their illness to the hot chocolate sachets they had all consumed and which Mrs Rosetta later discovered had expired in 1990.

It is believed that the hot chocolate mix had sat in the back of her cupboard since the late 1980s.

While it appears to have been an accident, the grandmother has been charged with causing injury and a file has been passed to prosecutors for consideration, reports the Daily Mail.

Hot chocolate mix generally contains powdered cocoa and sugar, which do not usually go off but will decrease in quality over time, as well as powdered milk, which can go off after long periods.

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