Good Samaritans save unicyclist's life

People power: Commuters rally together to move a double decker bus. Photo: Supplied.

Get ready to have your faith in humanity restored.

Amazing footage of around 100 commuters lifting a double decker bus to help a trapped unicyclist in East London yesterday has surfaced online.

The unnamed victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition following the crash, which happened during rush hour, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows people rushing towards the 12 tonne double decker, lifting the front of the bus up and freeing the trapped unicyclist.

Some of those people reportedly left meals in nearby restaurants and ran outside to help.
Robin Jerome, 34 was one of the first on scene to help the unicyclist.

Mr Jerrom told Daily Mail he heard a loud bang and saw someone strapped under the front wheel of the bus.

“I ran out to help, and could see the bus driver was a little bit shocked and didn't know what to do. We tried to get him to move it forward, but he couldn't so we got him to stop.”

He said more and more people came to help the stricken unicyclist and the minutes ticked by.

"Eventually he [the cyclist] managed to crawl out and was in quite a state. It's not a sight I'm going to forget. It was a very bad injury, a quite horrific image for everyone to see,” Mr Jerrom explained.

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