WATCH: Gold Coast man finds huge snake living in guitar he had been playing

Ben Brennan

It took Bobby Harris much longer than it should have for him to realise there was snake inside the guitar he was strumming, and when he found it he got a huge fright.

After borrowing the instrument from a neighbour for a few nights, Mr Harris was forced to ponder the question: Was this two metre-long python always in there?

“I picked up the guitar thought, that’s heavy, and started playing. I was playing it for about half an hour,” Bobby told 7 News Online.

Bobby Harris recorded his encounter with the unwelcome visitor. Photo: Bobby Harris/Facebook

“When I was putting it down, I shook it and that’s when I saw the scales and I s**t myself.

The 32-year-old said he recognised the irony of his choice of song after discovering his new friend.

“It’s funny because I was watching Toy Story and I started playing You’ve Got a Friend in Me because I recognised the chord progression from a Bob Marley song," he said.

He said he was not particularly thrilled to meet this new friend.

It took him about half an hour to work up the nerve to try to remove the snake, with help from his neighbour who lent him the guitar in the first place.

The snake shot out of the instrument like a rocket when his neighbour escorted it outside.

“I’m from New Zealand and I’ve only been here a year, so, yeah, I’m not very good with snakes,” Mr Harris said.

Bobby Harris moved from New Zealand to Queensland a year ago. Photo: Bobby Harris/Facebook

He estimated it weighed at least a couple of kilograms and may have been about two metres long.

Short-lived panic over whether or not the stowaway had been reproducing in the guitar, happily, turned out unfounded.

The ovation style guitar did not seem quite so heavy when he borrowed it earlier in the week, Mr Harris said.

Bobby said, after a couple of gentle shakes, the python shot out of the guitar and into the bushes. Photo: Bobby Harris/Facebook

This led him to conclude the snake had not come with the instrument.

Instead, he thought it had found its way through the small 50-cent-sized hole in the body when he fell asleep with his door open.

Mr Harris plans on keeping his door shut now, especially after neighbours warned king brown snakes had been spotted in the area recently.