Global hunt for mystery man spotted in Bunnings hours before body found in river

The man's identity has been unknown for more than five months after his death.

Police are still seeking the identity of a man who was pulled out of a Queensland river over five months ago, reaching out to international authorities to prompt a global search for answers.

CCTV footage of the man inside the Maroochydore Bunnings store on November 27 — the day he also is believed to have died — was released promptly after he was pulled from a river in the Sunshine Coast. However, no missing persons reports in the state match that of the man.

Computer image of what the man looks like was released by police (left) with CCTV footage of him walking through Bunnings (right).
Global hunt for a man spotted in Bunnings continues after police have been unable to identify him. Source: Queensland Police

The Australian Federal Police have now contacted the global INTERPOL network.

Extensive genetic tests offered no insight

An extensive investigation was launched to identify the man, with DNA testing used by detectives to determine his country of origin and possible relatives. Authorities have also tried matching the surgical nails found in the man's right knee with a hospital, however they still have been unable to identify him.

Police are now looking overseas, confirming the death is not suspicious.

"We know someone knows this man — a family member, a friend, a boss or colleague," Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Mansfield said.

Police have not ruled out requesting the publication of a Black Notice which contains the details of an unidentified person which is circulated to 196 INTERPOL member countries and is used to allow checks on international missing person databases.

"However we continue to appeal for public assistance to help identify him so we can inform his family," the detective added. "Our main focus is returning him to those who knew and loved him."

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