'Glad I didn’t listen to doctor': Baby born with organs outside stomach alive thanks to mother's instinct

Krystal Johnson

A Brisbane mother, whose son was born with his organs bulging from his stomach, has lashed out at a doctor who told her to have an abortion.


Holly Hodgson is thankful for her motherly instincts; without them she wouldn’t have her beautiful little boy, Teddy, today.

After a long two weeks, Holly Hodgson (left) and Stephen Hodgson (right) are pictured holding their beautiful little boy Teddy. Photo: Supplied
Little Teddy was born with his intestines protruding from his stomach on December 14. Photo: Supplied

It was during her 12-week ultrasound that Mrs Hodgson’s radiologist discovered Teddy had gastroschisis, when she identified loops of his intestines were protruding from his abdomen.

The radiologist told Mrs Hodgson the situation would be "fine".

The emotional mother visited her obstetrician with the news.

Due to his experience with three previous cases like Teddy's, he told Mrs Hodgson she should terminate the birth.

However, Mrs Hodgson did some of her own research.

She discovered that gastroschisis affects one in every 5,000 babies and of those, 90-95 per cent survived the pregnancy.

Holly and Stephen refused to accept the claims and went ahead with the pregnancy. Photo: Supplied
Gastroschisis affects one in every 5,000 babies and of those, 90-95 per cent survived the pregnancy. Photo: Supplied

The first-time mother and her husband, Stephen Hodgson, refused to accept the obstetrician's claims and went ahead with the pregnancy.

“I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my doctor when he said to terminate my son," Mrs Hodgson said.

As a result of her decision, the gorgeous little Teddy was born prematurely at 1.9kg on December 14, and is now living a healthy happy life.

Teddy was wrapped in cling wrap for his first hour of life.

His intestines were placed inside a silo bag for 13 days until his stomach was large enough to fit his organs.

Teddy was able to be held for the first time two days after Christmas. Photo: Supplied
Teddy has made an incredible recovery since his premature birth. Photo: Supplied

Two days after Christmas, the Hodgson family were finally able to hold her adorable baby.

After eight weeks in intensive care, Teddy was strong enough to be taken home.

Mrs Hodgson wants other mothers to hear her story in case they find themselves in a similar situation.

“It makes me sick and angry when I look back on what he said," she said of the obstetrician.

As a thank-you gift, the incredible mother donated a box of nappies to the Mater Hospital.