Girls beg for mercy in 'disgusting' bullying video: 'Makes me sick'

WARNING – DISTURBING CONTENT: Disturbing new footage of three young girls, at least one as young as 11, being brutally attacked by a group of “bullies” in Auckland has left the internet reeling.

The assault, which appears to have been captured by the assailants, shows the three young girls lined up against a wall outside a bank in Pukekohe.

Throughout the heartbreaking clip, all can be heard begging for mercy and repeatedly apologising as they are punched, kicked and dragged by their hair by three girls.

“Stop please,” one of the victims cries out.

“I’m really sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Three girls lined up against a wall with two attackers (left) and one girl tries to runaway from her attacker (right).
It's believed the three young girls were attacked near the BNZ branch in Pukekohe, Auckland a week ago. Source: Facebook

But their desperate pleas go unanswered as their attackers wage their assault, which is believed to have left one girl hospitalised with a broken jaw.

“This makes me sick to my stomach,” one person wrote in response to the video, which has received more than 2,000 comments since it was shared on Facebook on Monday morning.

“I’ve got tears running down my face,” another said.

While others admitted that they couldn't even finish watching the clip because of how “mad” it made them.

“I’m fuming inside right now,” someone else added.

Girl gang named and shamed online

In sharing the distressing footage, the author of the post called on Facebook users to help identify those involved.

“Can the power of social media please help find the girls in this video,” they wrote.

“This is disgusting and unacceptable.”

The three girls allegedly behind the attack have since been “named and shamed” as students at an intermediate school – making them around 11 or 12 years old.

In a shock move, the sister-in-law of one of those accused has since come forward to beg the victims to press charges.

“It was a selfish and disgusting act for her to pull,” the woman wrote online, “and my heart hurts for the three girls in the video”.

“On behalf of me and my partner (her brother), we are so sorry to you girls for what has happened.”

She went on to explain that her sister-in-law had been causing trouble for some time.

“We try to keep her in line but nothing we can do helps so it’s in the police’s hands to deal with her and hopefully teach her a lesson by charging her,” she said.

“She’s on her own with this and deserves whatever comes her way.”

One girl is on her knees as her attacker punches her in the head.
Viewers said the footage in Pukekohe made them 'sick to their stomach'. Source: Facebook

Victims left traumatised

However, the aunt of one of the girls attacked in the video says police have done little since the assault.

“This is my 11-year-old niece and her two friends being assaulted,” she wrote online.

“This happened just over a week ago near the BNZ (Bank of New Zealand).

“To date, the police have not taken any action even though statements have been taken and the names of these much older cowards provided (also CCTV)."

She added that the alleged attackers are “known to have done this a few times now”.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to New Zealand Police several times for comment but is yet to hear back.

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