Parents left with $25k damage bill after daughter, 14, rents party house with their credit card

A 14-year-old girl who rented a home with her parents' credit card before throwing a wild party has left them facing a $25,000 bill for damage to the property.

The teen hosted the party at the West Vancouver home in Canada on March 9 after renting it online but the get-together was brought to an abrupt end when disgruntled neighbours contacted authorities over the "uncontrolled party".

The girl's unwitting parents were oblivious to the party and were unaware their daughter had used their credit card without their authorisation.

The property suffered around $25,000 worth of damage including extensive graffiti. Source: CTV News

West Vancouver police say around 200 guests flooded out of the rented home on their arrival with considerable damage left behind, CBC News reported.

"Officers attending had basically swarms of teenagers leaving the house," Constable Jeff Palmer, West Vancouver police, said.

Police estimated the cost to repair the damage to the walls, furniture and artwork tops was at least $25,000.

Neighbours alerted police after around 200 partygoers descended on the address. Source: CTV News
The teen's family are being held responsible for the damage despite them not knowing their daughter had used their credit card to rent the property. Source: CTV News

The home was covered in graffiti while neighbours likened the event to a "frat party".

"Among all the damage, there were a number of containers indicating that alcohol had certainly been a part of the gathering," Palmer added.

He said it was obvious the party had developed rapidly beyond its intended size after being publicised on social media.

According to police, the family of the teen have agreed to cover the costs of the damage. It is understood the homeowner will not pursue legal action against the family.