Girl finds prehistoric giant shark's tooth on beach

It’s been about three million years since the giant megalodon ruled the ocean but a teenage girl has stumbled across one of the prehistoric shark’s teeth while strolling on a beach in North Carolina with her family.

Searching the beach for shark teeth has become a hobby for Avery Fauth and her family, with her father leading the charge on a trip to North Topsail during their vacation.

Avery was in shock on the weekend when she started to dig a strange object out of the sand when she realised it belonged to one of the largest sharks ever documented.

The size of the megalodon tooth when compared to a coin. Source: WECT News

Scientists believe the megalodon grew up to 18 metres long with teeth designed to demolish whales.

Mr Fauth told local media that he has been on a mission to uncover a tooth belonging to the prehistoric beast for years and can’t believe his daughter’s luck.

“I’ve been looking for 25 years and I haven’t found anything,” Fauth’s dad said. “I was really shocked and excited for her that she found something that big.”

The Fauths are always on the hunt for shark teeth when on the beach.  Source:WECT News

“I didn’t believe I found it, and then I took it out and it was one [a megalodon] … they’re really rare to find and they’re some pretty big teeth and they’re pretty cool.” Avery told local reporters.

Avery can’t wait to tell her class about her unusual find when school returns from spring break but she won’t be bringing it to show and tell, telling local media that she plans to keep her unique find in a special box to prevent any damage.

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