Girl, 11, suffers horrific injury at popular tourist attraction

A popular tourist spot has closed its valley-spanning suspension bridge attraction after a young girl fell through a gap and broke her spine when her safety harness failed.

The 11-year-old girl and her family were visiting Tangli Happy Play Valley in the city of Dalian, in north-eastern Liaoning Province in China, when the accident happened on Sunday.

The girl is said to have been crossing the 60-metre high suspension bridge attraction known as ‘Bubu Jingxin’ - or ‘Startling Steps’ - when she fell through one of the purposely built 1-foot-wide gaps.

An 11-year-old girl was seriously injured at Tangli Happy Play Valley, after her harness failed on one of the attractions. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

The bridge, which has a metal step trail as well as a transparent glass plank trail, spans 280 metres ( across a river valley and is one of the scenic area’s six ‘challenges’.

The girl is understood to have been hooked up to a safety harness at the time of the accident, but the cord reportedly failed to stop her plunging nearly 200 feet into the forest below.

In a statement on Monday, Tangli Happy Play Valley said the girl suffered bruises on her head, a concussion, lung injuries, as well as fractures to her thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

The 11-year-old girl fell through the gap of the suspension bridge at Tangli Happy Play Valley. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

She is said to be in stable condition while still recovering at a local hospital.

Tangli Happy Play Valley began welcoming tourists again on May 3. It said it had suspended its Bubu Jingxin attraction, but remaining challenges – including its high-altitude swing, transparent tube slide and glass-bottom bridge - remain open to the public.

An investigation into the accident was still ongoing at the time of writing.

− AsiaWire/Australscope

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