Girl, 11, gives birth on wedding day

An 11-year-old girl has become a mother after going into labour during her wedding.

Reports say the girl was still wearing her wedding dress when she arrived at hospital and gave birth to a baby girl.

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"It feels strange to be a mum and have a baby," Kordeza Zhelyazkova told News of the World.

"I used to play with my toys but now she is my new toy. She is so beautiful, I love her. Violeta is the child and I must grow up. I am not going back to school - I am a mother now."

Kordeza met her 19-year-old husband, Jeliazko Dimitrov, in the playground of her Roma gypsy school in Sliven, Bulgaria, when he rescued her from bullies.

"Then she arranged to meet me and asked me out on our first date. I thought she was 15. She didn't tell me she was 11," Dimitrov was quoted as saying.

According to News of the World, Kordeza was conceived a week later.

"I haven't had sex education classes and I didn't know how to get pregnant. I'd never had a boyfriend and I'd never heard of condoms."

"I didn't know I was pregnant until my grandmother saw I had put on weight. I just thought I'd eaten too many burgers."

Dida, the girl's grandmother, was herself pregnant at 13.

"It's normal for our girls to have babies young. It's our tradition. But I didn't want it for my Kordeza - I felt she was too young," she was quoted as saying.

Dimitrov is now facing up to six years in prison for having sex with a minor.

"I'm scared. I want to look after my wife and child. Instead I may be going to prison," he told News of the World.

Sliven is the underage mother capital of Europe with 177 cases last year.

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