Gibson under fire for milk rant, booze pics

Gibson under fire for milk rant, booze pics

Embattled ‘Whole Pantry’ blogger Belle Gibson is under fresh scrutiny after her stance on raw milk and images of her drinking alcohol surfaced online.

Gibson, seen in the old photos downing a pint of beer and drinking champagne from the bottle, recently encouraged her followers to drink raw cow’s milk and discussed investing in a co-op.

She is facing criticism for ignoring the Victoria State government move to further restrict raw milk sales after one child died and four became seriously ill after consuming ‘cosmetic milk’ products.

Using her private Instagram handle of @onlybelle she told her followers to go #vegan, #notmilk, #rawmilk or #nomilk.

On an image showing a fridge of raw milk products she wrote: ‘Raw Milk is Not for Human Consumption!” with “F*** the government. Hahaha’

Unpasteurised milk is just one of the controversial campaigns the young mum has advocated. The 23-year-old has told her followers to avoid vaccinating their children and is a vocal medical cannabis supporter.

The Melbourne local tale of multiple cancer survival has been called into question by critics and ex-followers. Gibson is standing firm by her story and her claim that alternative treatments helped her survival.

She is currently holed up in her Elwood home, according to reports.