'Get off': Woman’s anti-Islam rant on Sydney bus captured on video

A woman has been filmed launching into a racist anti-Islamic rant while travelling on a bus in Sydney.

The incident took place on a bus route heading from Wynyard to Mona Vale on Saturday afternoon, News Corp reports.

After the woman is told to leave the bus by the driver, she can be seen slapping the man across the face upon her abrupt exit.

The woman began her angry tirade while on the bus. Source: News Corp

“Shut up, I’ll say what I want,” the woman says in her rant.

“Every Muslim has a chance at being radicalised,” the woman says in the vision, suggesting that anyone who is not as radicalised as ISIS is an "apostate".

The uncomfortable exchange continues back and forth until the bus driver approaches the woman and requests that she leaves the bus.

“Can you please get off my bus,” he says.

The moment the woman slaps the bus driver across the face while storming off the bus. Source: News Corp

“You can either get off my bus or we can get the police here,” he continues.

“No I won’t, what am I doing wrong?” she asks.

“Racist abuse for starters,” he answers.

The woman then leaps to her feet and storms off the bus while swearing at the driver, before finally striking him across the face.

It’s not known if the bus driver was injured during the assault.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.